Oct 23,2017

Official Announcement Declared the Participation of Golf in 2024 Olympic Games, but for 2028 the Decision is Pending
According to the PGA Tour announcement, golf would stay in the Olympic Games in 2024.

The executive board of the International Olympic Committee approved on Friday 28 events in 2016 to back at 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

In 2016, golf game showed in Olympics for the first time since 1904. Justin Rose won the gold medal for men’s golf while Inbee Park won women’s.

Since many big-name players quitted the list in 2016’s Olympic Game, it is unclear yet whether golf will show in Tokyo Olympic Game held in 2020.

On Wednesday, the executive board of the International Olympic Committee announced the host cities for Olympic Game in 2024 and 2028, which are respectively Paris and Los Angles.

The event list of 2028’s Olympic Games will be decided after the finishment of Tokyo Olympics, which means whether golf will show in 2028 is a mystery.

Compared with Rio, Paris and Los Angles are getting firmer fundament for golf and pretty advanced golf course management system.

As the host club for PGA Tour every year and is ready to undertake Ryder Cup next year, the National Club of Paris is most likely the host club for Paris Olympic Games. And in Los Angles, the Riviera Country Club, hoster for PGA Tour as well as Grand Slam, is the hot candidate for Olympic Game.